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Today we’re featuring a guest post from Jeanne Verbel, the mastermind behind the Scrumptious Cupcakery (Flanders, New Jersey). 


Hello! My name is Jeanne. And I am NOT ashamed to admit that I’m a Pinterest addict! I am SUCH a creative creature, and Pinterest, with all of its recipes, decorating ideas, and DIY projects, is simply irresistible to this girl’s creative spirit! I especially love to peruse the Pinterest pages this time of year because of the plethora of homemade gift ideas. I simply adore receiving gifts that someone has made for me because I love the idea that they were thinking of me while they were making it, which, when you really think about it, is the most precious gift of all. And I love making homemade gifts even more!

I have a large extended family and we put aside exchanging gifts many Christmases ago. However, I always arrive at my parent’s house on Christmas day with a large basket of assorted little homemade gifts from which each family member can choose. This year, one of the gifts I have made for my basket is the Baileys Irish Cream Hot Chocolate Mason Jar…and I found it, of course, on Pinterest! I added my own personal decorative touches and for a little under $4 a gift, I have a gift that I’m excited to give and I’m sure my family will be happy to receive!

And the best part? There’s still time for you to make some, too! And it’s EASY! You’ll need:

  • Pint sized Ball Mason Jars with lids (most craft stores sell these for $1 a jar. If, like me, you have Amazon Prime, you can order them and have them in two days…for even less per jar!).
  • Holiday colored raffia ribbon (available at crafts stores and yes, on Amazon! I chose natural and burgundy).
  • Butcher twine (or any thin twine, which can also be found at a craft store).
  • Your favorite hot chocolate mix (I am ALL about the homemade so I experimented with making my own hot chocolate mix, but found that I liked the taste of my favorite store bought brand better!).
  • Baileys Irish Cream shooter bottles (available at most liquor stores). Substitute candy canes for the Baileys if you choose to do the non-alcoholic version.
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Tea stained tags (available at most craft stores, usually in the scrapbooking section!).
  • Mini holiday stamps (available at most craft stores).

Once you have all of your supplies, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, add a Baileys shooter and some mini marshmallows. Take a sip, sigh, and then create a clean, large work station to assemble your gifts!

image (9)

It is best to stamp all of your gift tags before you begin.

DIY Gift Tags

Once your tags are done, set up an assembly line….mason jars, hot chocolate, marshmallows, Baileys Irish Cream shooters, raffia ribbon, and gift tags.

Pour 4 or 5 packets of hot chocolate mix into a mason jar.

image (6)

Fill the rest of the jar with mini marshmallows and then put on the lid.

image (7)

Use a 12 inch piece of twine to attach the shooter bottle to the mason jar. Wrap four two foot pieces of colored raffia ribbon (two two foot pieces of each color) around the lid of the jar and tie in a bow.

image (5)

Slide a tag onto one of the ribbons of raffia and ….. hooray! You have a pretty (and pretty delicious) homemade  gift to give!

Finished Hot Chocolate Gifts

Now sit back and enjoy the rest of your Baileys Hot Chocolate while basking in your creative awesomeness!

image (8)

Wishing a Merry and Happy to all!


Scrumptious Cupcakery

Jeanne Verbel, a.k.a. the Gourmet Cupcaketress, is the mastermind behind the Scrumptious Cup Cakery (Flanders, New Jersey), who bakes a seriously scrumptious line of gourmet cupcakes. Seriously. Scrumptious. She is a home-based baker who urges you to indulge your sweet side and peruse her list of cupcake creations. Give yourself some time…it’ll be hard to choose! But when you do, email ( or message her on Facebook and she’ll be happy to help you indulge your cupcake craving! 

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  1. I must say, I have known Jeanne since High School, and she’s always been very energetic! And to see what she’s accomplished with her Scrumptious Cup Cakery makes me proud to say, “I knew her when”. I have ordered quite a few different types of her cupcakes and they are always the center of attention at my parties, their DELICIOUS. I love following her on Pinterest to see what she’s doing next! Best of luck & love to you and yours this Holiday season! ENJOY

    • Gina, Thanks so much for your comment! I’ve known Jeanne a long time too and she always amazes me. I’ve also had the pleasure of tasting the Scrumptious Cupcake cupcakes. My favorite are the caramel macchiato!! Also wishing you a very happy holiday season!!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Gina! Merry Christmas to you and the family and well wishes for the New Year!

  2. And much love and many thanks to you, Stacey, for inviting me to guest blog!

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