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I’ve Started My Holiday Shopping…Have You?

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Recently, I had the opportunity to review a complimentary product from RedEnvelope.com. I had never sampled a product from this online company, but always admired the site layout and what appeared to be luxury-style items. So, when asked, I jumped at the opportunity to check it out!!

I  received two gifts: The Family Conversation Topics and the S’mores Kit. The Family Conversation Topics is a great way to start conversation at the dinner table or sitting around the fire pit on a cool winter’s evening. (I can’t wait to borrow them from my friend who will receive them as a Christmas gift!) The S’mores Kit, well…who doesn’t love s’mores?!

family conversation tabletopics    (There’s also a Couple’s Edition; Original Edition and Dinner Party Edition. )

s’mores kit Yummy S’mores!!


What elevates RedEnvelope.com above many other online shopping experiences are a few options during the purchasing process:


1. Request a beautiful red gift box with a ribbon (Can you imagine a bunch of these boxes under your Christmas tree or next to your menorah?!).

2. Ship gifts to multiple addresses. You could do your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home (including wrapping and delivery!)

3. Choose your delivery date and pay shipping charges accordingly.

Several other perks offered by RedEnvelope.com include the ability to track your package(s) (yes, this is a feature that many companies offer. HOWEVER, Redenvelope.com also sends you an email to let you know your package has been delivered. This will save you the angst and an awkward phone call asking the recipient if their gift arrived.

Here are few other gift ideas I love and will likely use my 15% off my next order coupon (that was included in my package):

Don’t forget Fido!

personalized pet silhouette throw pillow cover

 Keep your man organized…

deluxe valet

A little pricey, but probably oh so soft and comfy! 

cashmere tank + short set


Experience a luxury online shopping trip at RedEnvelope.com.

Here’s an opportunity for an exclusive at RedEnvelope.com: http://www.redenvelope.com/christmas-gifts-her-rche

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Choosing Happiness & Focusing on the Positive

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How many of us are pushing, pushing, pushing to get things done? Driving our children to activities, rushing to a meeting (and sometimes we’re not even sure why we’re in attendance), up late getting last-minute projects completed, and feeling like we need to stay on the phone with a person who never gives us the opportunity to express how we feel? In the past, however, I’ve been guilty too, but I’ve managed to step off the merry-go-round. It’s been a gradual, but rewarding process of reclaiming my time and space so I can be truly present for myself, and most importantly for my children.

As many of you know already, earlier this year, I started running. For the first time in my life, I’m genuinely taking time to re-energize and nourish my soul—all without guilt that I “should be” doing something else, for someone else. I know with all my heart that I truly can’t be good to anyone else if I’m not healthy and strong. Running has become a way for me to strengthen my body and mind. One of the biggest surprises is how much stronger my mind actually is and how little my body has to do with running. When I started running, the thought of running a mile without stopping felt like a lot, forget about running a 5K or 10K. But I kept pushing myself and took the process one day at a time: I showed up and put the time in…and little by little, I can now run three miles without stopping and sometimes five!

From my experience with running, I’ve come to learn that much of what we do is a mind game. It’s all about perspective, thought and purpose. Problem is, most people have become too busy to even have the time to contemplate actions and decisions, which sadly puts us in a state of reaction. This incredibly dis-empowering. Moving from reaction to action can be accomplished. It means gaining a little self control and discipline, learning to say “no” to the negative and “yes” to the positive.

Life happens, but if you want to live purposefully, it’s necessary to be conscious of decisions and choices—all the time. Funny thing is, even when you’re not making a decision or choice (for example, procrastinating on not having your car serviced) you are actually making a choice—a choice to not do anything, which is fine, as long as you’re conscious of that. Understanding this can help a lot and free you from the guilt of procrastinating.

Happiness is another choice. It’s amazing how when I got this, it really didn’t matter what anyone else did any longer–I can still be happy and experience joy. Of course, there are unpleasant issues in life, but I don’t have to allow them to take center stage and suck the life out of me. One of my favorite questions when a problem, issue or challenge arises is: What’s the worst thing that could happen? Figure that out, then accept it and move on. If you’re truly grounded in the present, only what’s transpiring at this very moment is happening; everything else in our minds is imagined. Breathe and move through the day, being grateful for what  you have!

I’ve learned too that what we focus on becomes bigger and more present in our lives. Therefore, I’ve made the effort to be more grateful, find joy, and focus on the positive. It doesn’t mean that the negative just magically disappeared, but somehow it no longer has the presence it once did.

We all have the ability to be exceptional! It’s a choice basically. Choosing happiness is a choice; allowing ourselves to be happy is a gift.

What do you have to be joyful and happy about today?

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Book Review: How to Declutter and Make Money Now

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Book Review: How to Declutter and Make Money Now


If you’ve ever had the thought that you’d like to declutter but you didn’t want to “throw away” an “investment” you made in an item, you must read Donna Smallin’s How to Declutter and Make Money Now: Turn Clutter into Cash.

Donna starts off with a complete list of “bestsellers” in the second hand market, including valuables, musical instruments, and brand name designer bags. She suggests you have a goal in mind for the money and focus on how you will feel once you’ve met that goal–this will be your motivation!

Donna explains how each online service works (ebay, amazon, etc.) and which is the best choice for the item(s) you’re selling. She also explains how to present the item(s), determine price, the fees associated with listing and selling, and how to determine shipping charges. She also explains why, in the end, selling particular products online is more profitable.

There’s extensive information on selling gadgets, cell phones and other technical devices, which according to David Chen, President of NextWorth Solutions, Inc. the average American household has $1,500 worth of unused consumer electronics (use my GOPACK® Method to determine exactly what you have in your household!).

In addition to online selling, Donna covers yard sales, flea markets, pawning and estate sales AND why some items are just best for donating. It’s a great resource for anyone who has excessive clutter and wants to make some money…or simply fund future purchases.

As a fan of decluttering and maximizing space, I highly recommend this step-by-step to downsize, declutter and live simply!

The book is available as a Kindle version on amazon.com. Check it out! At $3.95 what do you have to lose!



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Product Review: Drawer Organizer Stickers

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One of the challenges every parent faces, at some point, is how to get kids to help put their clean laundry in the proper places. For adults, it may be easy to remember that socks and underwear go in the top drawer and pants in the bottom, but for kids who are just learning (or need a gentle reminder because it’s not a priority for them), a little help couldn’t hurt.

A company called Crafterhours offers the help you need with their “I know where it goes” drawer stickers feature colorful stickers of each piece of clothing. The stickers can go on the outside of the dresser or, if you prefer, on the inside bottom of the drawer to indicate where shirts, pants, underwear, pajamas, socks, etc. live. The stickers are for kids 3-8, but hey it could be helpful to older children who haven’t quite adopted this task. The set includes between 8-10 stickers and they are available in a variety of different colors. The cost is just $5.00 per pack and are available on the Crafterhours.com site.

Although my children feel like they’ve got this chore down and know where their clothing lives, I did pass on the stickers to a friend’s children. The next time I saw my friend’s daughter, she exclaimed, “I put the stickers on my drawers!” She was quite proud of the fact that she used them and it sounds like she’s headed toward helping her mom when it comes time to put away her clothing.

It’s never too soon to get kids started on helping around the home and taking pride in their surroundings.




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Clever Solution for Stuff

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Clever Solution for Stuff

I hung a life-saver of a product on the back of the bathroom door recently. The Clever Pockets helped us clear the bathroom vanity, which makes “cleaning” much easier. We are using the Floral Black mini stash in my daughter’s bathroom. Surprisingly, there are still two empty pockets!


What I love about this product is that is’t not exclusive to the bathroom. Nope! There are a ton of uses around the home, which I’ve outlined below:

In the Kitchen, store candles, mixes, cake decorating supplies, teas, coffees, spices, or pastas.

In the Hall closet store gloves, hats, scarves, shoes, small umbrellas, tennis balls, electronics, and kid’s toys.

In the Utility Room store electronic cords, cleaning supplies, stain sticks, medicines, batteries, and first aid supplies.

In the Baby’s Room store diapers, diaper creme, tights, socks, lotions, wipes, clothes, and burp cloths.

In the Bathroom store medicines, first aid, toiletries, make up, and shaving needs.

In the Office store scissors, paper clips, business cards, stapler/staples, and stamps.

In the Guest Room store note cards, crafts, sewing supplies, and soaps.

In the Den store small toys, card games, WII game accessories, movies.

What’s nice about the Clever Pockets is that unlike the standard white backing, these provide a decorative feel and don’t look so sterile; they blend in and add to the surroundings with the colorful design.

Use this in a nursery, guest closet or bathroom.

Perfect for a girl's room. Put socks & underwear, barbies and other small toys, or jewelry items.


The Clever Pockets come in different sizes, including Mini and Original. The Original 20 Pockets, overall size is 19″ x 52″, and the Mini has 15 pockets (5 larger middle pockets and 5 smaller pockets on either size) with an overall size of 19″ X 36″.

Click here for more information.

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