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GUEST POST: Traveling Green, What Initiatives Are Happening around the Globe

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Thank you to Sam Marquit for guest blogging this week. The article is a bit of a departure from what it usually post, but the writer cover two topics I’m very interested in: travel and a better world through eco-friendly solutions. You can thank Sam Marquit for the article. He is an Entrepreneur, home improvement specialist/enthusiast and part-time blogger living in East Hampton, New York. Follow Sam on Twitter @FMarquitV. 

Written by Sam Marquit… Travel Collage

In today’s world, there are many ways to live green. You can recycle, change your light bulbs, and choose solar energy and tons of green, organic materials for your home. As a commercial contractor, I’ve worked on buildings that chose self-sustaining facilities. Whether it’s water reuse, waste recycling or solar energy, there are a lot of ways in which businesses benefit from green materials and building.

The travel industry has become a big supporter with many hotels offering eco-friendly places to stay. These are just a few of the initiatives and examples of businesses making the change to green practices.

In Asia, businesses and organizations are working to spread a culture of conservation with the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards. These awards span a variety of categories that cover everything from community engagement to cultural preservation to resource efficiency. Responsible tourism affects businesses and communities. It is important to note that the awards cover all types of categories and the awards are as much about social welfare as they are about environmental protection.

There are a number of hotels doing something more productive with their eco-friendly mission and practices. Some hotels are choosing to incorporate organic food, self-sustainable facilities and even bees! The Ritz-Carlton in North Carolina created a rooftop garden in addition to many other eco-friendly practices, such as installing low-flowing toilets and shower heads. The rooftop garden is home to two beehives and over 60,000 bees, which help to pollinate the area. It also provides fresh honey to the hotel’s kitchen. It’s inspirational to see how much a company and business can do to support green and environmental protection issues.

Las Vegas is known as one of the largest playground cities in the world. With a lot of gambling, bright lights and entertainment in the heart of the desert, it’s hard to believe that this city actually has some incredible eco-friendly hotels. While the Ritz-Carlton is a great eco-friendly hotel, there is one that seems to stand out: the Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort is that one such hotel and was recently named “The Most Eco-Friendly in America.” This hotel incorporates a variety of policies and practices for a greener environment. The Palazzo has a self-sustaining facility with water recycling, waste reuse and solar energy for heating.

There are a lot of other initiatives and organizations working hard to keep the Earth a greener place. This includes Eco-Innovative Europe, Go Green Initiative, The Marriott and ink48 Hotel’s “Earthcare” program in one of the world’s most populated cities, New York City. These are all just a few of the businesses that are changing the future of our planet.

I’m so inspired as a contractor to be working in this field at this time. I can only hope that more businesses and organizations catch on. It is important for the environment and future generations.


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Book Review: How to Declutter and Make Money Now

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Book Review: How to Declutter and Make Money Now


If you’ve ever had the thought that you’d like to declutter but you didn’t want to “throw away” an “investment” you made in an item, you must read Donna Smallin’s How to Declutter and Make Money Now: Turn Clutter into Cash.

Donna starts off with a complete list of “bestsellers” in the second hand market, including valuables, musical instruments, and brand name designer bags. She suggests you have a goal in mind for the money and focus on how you will feel once you’ve met that goal–this will be your motivation!

Donna explains how each online service works (ebay, amazon, etc.) and which is the best choice for the item(s) you’re selling. She also explains how to present the item(s), determine price, the fees associated with listing and selling, and how to determine shipping charges. She also explains why, in the end, selling particular products online is more profitable.

There’s extensive information on selling gadgets, cell phones and other technical devices, which according to David Chen, President of NextWorth Solutions, Inc. the average American household has $1,500 worth of unused consumer electronics (use my GOPACK® Method to determine exactly what you have in your household!).

In addition to online selling, Donna covers yard sales, flea markets, pawning and estate sales AND why some items are just best for donating. It’s a great resource for anyone who has excessive clutter and wants to make some money…or simply fund future purchases.

As a fan of decluttering and maximizing space, I highly recommend this step-by-step to downsize, declutter and live simply!

The book is available as a Kindle version on Check it out! At $3.95 what do you have to lose!



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Does Your Home Reflect Your Current Lifestyle?

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Does Your Home Reflect Your Current Lifestyle?

One way to determine what to keep and what needs to go is to look at your current lifestyle and ask yourself, when it comes to your stuff: “What’s relevant?”

We all know that once we get married and/or have children, there’s a  major shift that happens in terms of how our home is set up. As newlyweds, we work our stuff together to create a cohesive living space; as parents, we need to be aware of hazards to crawling babies and small children. The baby and kid “stuff” turns over quite quickly–what a child was playing with one day is  no longer relevant the next.

To stay focused on the present, enjoy each day with family and friends, and have the space to live and entertain in one’s home, take a walk around your home and ask yourself: “What is relevant in this room?” Then make an attempt to either purge or pack up and store what’s not relevant to your lifestyle today. The distractions of the past or another time can keep us from fully living in the moment and moving forward. Reduce and eliminate those distractions.

Of course, it’s nice to a place to put “memories” of the past. In that case, make a photo wall or designate one shelf, as opposed to an entire bookcase for mementos. In a baby nursery, place special items in a shadow box for display. To stay on track with eliminating clutter, choose only the most special things to display.

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School’s out for Summer!

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Whether your kids have already finished school or are just about to, summer is a welcomed time to kick back, relax and get some good quality family time in! Here are some tips to have you ready to go, at a moments notice, for the pool, beach or an impromptu picnic.

  • Stock up on Snacks –Refillable water bottles (let’s think about the environment) and healthy snacks are essential during the summer months. Clear out one of the crisper bins in your refrigerator and place pre-packaged (you can do this yourself) snacks of carrots or fruit in separate ziplock baggies. Use insulated water bottles and add a few ice cubes to each one.
  • Create a System — Have at least two bathing suits and towels per person in your household. That way, if you’re headed to the beach or pool everyday, you only have to wash these items every other day. At the end of the day when you arrive home, suits and towels need to be washed; instruct your children as to where to place these items so you’re ready for the next day.
  • Clean out the car — This is a great time to remove anything that’s not relevant to what you’re doing now. Pack a pool/beach bag so you’re ready to go. Include suit, towel, hat, sunblock and reading material in the bag. Add a beach chair to the trunk too!
  • Create space in the garage –Make your warm-weather items accessible. Store holiday decorations up high, gardening tools out of reach of kids and consider overhead storage to stow away any other items that you don’t need regular access to. Corral balls in a handy container, bikes on a wall rack, if needed, and pool/beach toys in an easy-to-grab bag!
  • Meal Plan — There’s nothing worse than after a full day of fun to realize you haven’t made dinner plans. It’s fine if you’re Rockefeller and can afford to eat out every night, but if you’re like most and on a budget, meal plan for the week so you know what to expect. Also, consider barbecuing one to two evenings a week to cut down on the heat in the house. A nd while you’re making that night’s meal, also do some chicken that you can eat cold the following night with some macaroni or potato salad and a veggie. Better yet, take a meal to the beach or pool as a picnic so your kids can enjoy a swim after dinner. Remember to wait 15 minutes before going in the water after a meal, however! (Was that truth or fiction?!)

I’d love to hear your summer solutions. Please share!


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What’s in Your Garage?

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What’s in Your Garage?

With warmer weather here and the school year nearing its end, now is a great time to clean out and organize the garage. Taking a proactive approach to this dreaded task (let’s face it, not much fun for most people–I get that!) will keep you on track so the next time you want to go for a bike ride or play a little soccer in the backyard, you and your family are able to find what you need when you need it!

During the winter, it’s easy to toss various items into the garage, leaving other things blocked by stuff that actually needs to be permanently removed from the space. For example, recycling and donations and outgrown toys and sporting equipment. Here are some simple strategies to get your garage space quickly organized so you can get out and enjoy family time together:

  1. Take a trip to the dump or recycling center. Make room in your vehicle or borrow a neighbor’s truck if you have lots to remove. Load it up with anything you can recycle or dispose of, including old paint and chemicals (or lawn fertilizer you’re no longer using). This may take a couple of hours on a Saturday morning, but when it’s done, it’s done!
  2. Corral all outgrown toys and games. Here’s your opportunity to make other kids happy by giving the items to friends or neighbors. If you don’t have any in sight, donate to a local charity. If the items are still in good condition—meaning you would buy them used from someone else—sell them online through a service like, the nationwide service for bargain-minded parents. This is a great way to fund future purchases or a family outing!
  3. Create Zones. The best way to find what you need when you need it is to create spaces for particular categories. Here are suggested zones: Sports, Gardening & Lawn Equipment, Automotive, Tools, Household Items (overflow purchases such as Paper Towels and excess items purchased from big box retailers like Costco), Beach & Pool, and Holiday Storage (put out-of-season items up in the rafters, if you can).
  4. Strategically place zones If your kids play in the driveway and front yard, make sure their play stuff is near the garage door and they have easy access to it. Place gardening items that contain chemicals out of way of children at the back of the garage. Better yet, purchase a cabinet that locks and load it with anything that is poisonous or sharp to avoid a mishap with the kids.
  5. Utilize Vertical Space Hang ‘em high when you can. The best way to maximize your garage storage is to access the vertical space. Put rarely used items on shelving and hang or place items that could be of danger to children.

Once you’ve removed the obvious purge items (mentioned in step #1), use the GOPACK Method to further organize particular categories of items such as gardening tools, holiday items, sporting equipment, etc. It works!

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