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After the Purge: What to do with Old Clothes

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Kids outgrow their clothes fast. Something that fits your little ones this month may not be so comfortable come the next. This makes keeping an eye on your closet space essential. After all, you probably don’t want old, unused clothes eating up precious storage space for newer items.

This is even more important once your kids start school. You’ll need a lot more space for new clothes – and, for some, new uniforms – as well as the other basic school essentials like books, bags, and shoes. Once the situation inside your closet starts to look all cluttered, it’s time to do a bit of purging.

One way to do this is by donating old clothes to charity. Not only are you clearing up space in your house, you also get to help others in need. Goodwill Industries and The Salvation Army are good choices for those in the US. In fact, some donations can even be used as tax deductions. In the UK, M&S has a clothes recycling initiative called “shwopping”. Donated clothes are given to Oxfam and are either resold to raise funds for charity, donated to the needy, or recycled for use as new clothing materials.

If you know someone who just had a baby or has kids younger than yours, you may also be able to help them out by offering a few hand-me-downs. Just stick to the clothes that are actually usable, of course. You can also resell old items to give yourself a little more leeway when shopping for new clothes. Check with your local consignment shops first so you have an idea of what you can resell and how much you stand to make. You may also have more luck selling used stuff online.

By putting your kids’ closet through a purging period once in a while, you can make sure that they always have enough space for new items that need storing. Just remember to try and keep your kids in the loop, especially if they have some stuff that they’ve grown attached to.

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Mother’s Day is Just around the Corner

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Mother’s Day is Just around the Corner

With Mother’s Day in a little more than one week, my daughters started asking me what I’d like as a gift. As a single mom, my first response is “Please bring me coffee and be nice to me all day.” My kids are genuinely good kids, so the “be nice to me” is basically a request to not ask for anything more than, “what would you like to do?” It could happen one day out of the year. ;)

We will actually enjoy a Mother’s Day weekend, beginning with a Moms’ Run (it’s the 9th annual!!) to support the Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation,  dedicated to educating and supporting mothers and their families with postpartum depression, which can be seriously debilitating and is often misunderstood. Please visit the web site to learn more. The event takes place on Saturday, May 12, starting with the race at 8am and family fun afterwards. My oldest will run the 5K with me (I’m very excited! This will be our first run together) while my youngest, who opted out this year, will do some volunteer work. After the race, we will stay for some family fun (here are some pictures from last year’s event).


After the race, we will likely spend the afternoon resting and relaxing before a dinner somewhere outdoors, weather permitting. It’s been in the 80s recently, so as long as it doesn’t rain, we’re good! On Sunday, I’ll opt-in for breakfast in bed, then perhaps a run (although I may want to take the day off), and then to the beach! Living on the coast has its advantages, one being close proximity to some of the best beaches.

Photo Credit: HuffPost Travel

All in all, I know it will be a good weekend because I’ll be spending it with my two favorite people in the whole wide world: My daughters, who are the reason I get to celebrate this holiday of Mother’s Day in the first place.


With Mother’s Day just around the corner…

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that if you know an expectant or new mom, that organization is the key to a new mom’s sanity and making the most of her time with baby and family. Remember your expectant and new mom friends this Mother’s Day by giving her The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You & Baby One Step at a Time to help her start of motherhood on the right foot. Although it’s not medically proven, organizing can reduce anxiety associated with being a new mom. As a new mom, there’s so much to manage. When a new mom can feel at ease, it creates a more serene environment, which helps ultimately helps baby relax!

If you’d like a personalized gift-wrapped copy delivered in time for Mother’s Day, email me at staceycrew at gmail dot com by Tuesday, May 8th at 3pm.

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iBaby Monitor

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iBaby Monitor

Apple has introduced iBaby, a monitor that allows you to view your baby’s nursery (or wherever you choose to place the monitor) from your iphone. It’s the first baby monitor on the market that allows you to rotate and pivot the camera from your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, which means if baby is left with a sitter or Nanny, you can actually see how s/he is doing while you’re in the middle of dinner…if you choose. The monitor has night-vision abilities and you can also capture photos, recording your first big date night post-delivery.

Here are some additional features.

  • Camera rotates and pivots to follow baby’s movement
  • Remotely control the camera with iOS device
  • Clear video resolution
  • Two-way audio capability
  • Baby’s movement or cry activates alerts
The price is $199. Check it out at
For Room-by-Room organizing tips and strategies, get the book: The Organized Mom, Simplify Life for You & Baby One Step at a Time.
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Eight Instant Mood Boosters

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Eight Instant Mood Boosters


Who doesn’t get the blues every once in a while? I know I do and sometimes I even allow myself to wallow a little. Recently, published an article that offers eight instant mood boosters including everything from taking a nap to getting decked out in particular colors and how certain colors can have a profound effect on your mood. Check out the article by clicking here. Be sure to come back and leave a comment as to which mood boosters you’re most likely to try.

Shop Dylan's Candy Bar for Easter!

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New Year, Don’t Make the Same Mistakes with Your Time

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New Year, Don’t Make the Same Mistakes with Your Time

Three Productivity-Killing Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes

Here’s how to avoid them…What’s your typical day like? Do you feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill going slightly too fast? Always wishing there were more hours in the day? How about your priorities – do you feel like they’re getting tended to, or are you always putting out fires, one step behind?

Being stuck in a reactive, race from fire-to-fire, mode is a sure sign that you are making at least one, if not all, of the three most common productivity-killing mistakes.

Mistake #1: Confusing a laundry list with a to-do list. There is a significant distinction between a laundry list and a to-do list. A laundry list is simply a running tab of all the things, important or not, that you would like to get done. A to-do list should only comprise those 4-5 tasks per day that are truly important.

Mistake #2: Missing opportunities to batch similar tasks. When you approach your to-do list as series of individual tasks, you nearly always waste significant chunks of time. Tackling related tasks in one whack, whether they’re errands you need to run or phone calls you need to make, is the most efficient way from Point A to Point B.

Mistake #3: Failing to Look Ahead. It’s easy to do when you’re spending all your energy just keeping your head above water. But sooner or later, those important but not urgent things you keep neglecting will demand your attention – and wreak havoc on your schedule.

Pssst. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: there’s a brand new planning tool from the folks at Buttoned Up that will help you avoid these 3 productivity-killing mistakes.

But they’re going fast!

The new 2012 Weekly.agenda planner from Buttoned Up is specifically designed to prevent the 3 major time traps people fall prey to.

1. The 2012 Weekly.agenda Features Built-in Prioritization. This planner makes the distinction between must-do’s and nice-to-do’s. Each week features only 24 spots for prioritized to-do’s (that’s roughly 4-5 per day), which forces you to identify what really matters at the start of the week. Use the extensive lined notes section in the back to capture your laundry lists.

2. The 2012 Weekly.agenda Has Tools that Encourage Task-Batching. This planner not only separates contact-related tasks from work tasks, but it also has perforated errand and shopping lists built-in. All work together to get you in the habit of grouping like tasks so you crack through them more efficiently.

3. The 2012 Weekly.agenda Features Weekly “Plan Ahead” Ticklers. From reminders to swap out HVAC filters to a prompt to schedule a check-up with your doctor, this planner serves up one important-but-likely-to-be-forgotten task each week. Follow through on the suggested tip each week to keep your big picture running smoothly.

Of course, there are lots of other things to love about this elegant little planner, like three bonus months that mean you don’t have to wait until January to get started and a compact size that easily fits in any purse.

But like I said, they are going fast. I managed to convince the Buttoned Up team to set aside some planners just for 30 readers. But they’re only holding them for us for 5 days. So you need to act quickly. Click here to order yours now before they’re gone.

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