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Clever Solution for Stuff

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Clever Solution for Stuff

I hung a life-saver of a product on the back of the bathroom door recently. The Clever Pockets helped us clear the bathroom vanity, which makes “cleaning” much easier. We are using the Floral Black mini stash in my daughter’s bathroom. Surprisingly, there are still two empty pockets!


What I love about this product is that is’t not exclusive to the bathroom. Nope! There are a ton of uses around the home, which I’ve outlined below:

In the Kitchen, store candles, mixes, cake decorating supplies, teas, coffees, spices, or pastas.

In the Hall closet store gloves, hats, scarves, shoes, small umbrellas, tennis balls, electronics, and kid’s toys.

In the Utility Room store electronic cords, cleaning supplies, stain sticks, medicines, batteries, and first aid supplies.

In the Baby’s Room store diapers, diaper creme, tights, socks, lotions, wipes, clothes, and burp cloths.

In the Bathroom store medicines, first aid, toiletries, make up, and shaving needs.

In the Office store scissors, paper clips, business cards, stapler/staples, and stamps.

In the Guest Room store note cards, crafts, sewing supplies, and soaps.

In the Den store small toys, card games, WII game accessories, movies.

What’s nice about the Clever Pockets is that unlike the standard white backing, these provide a decorative feel and don’t look so sterile; they blend in and add to the surroundings with the colorful design.

Use this in a nursery, guest closet or bathroom.

Perfect for a girl's room. Put socks & underwear, barbies and other small toys, or jewelry items.


The Clever Pockets come in different sizes, including Mini and Original. The Original 20 Pockets, overall size is 19″ x 52″, and the Mini has 15 pockets (5 larger middle pockets and 5 smaller pockets on either size) with an overall size of 19″ X 36″.

Click here for more information.

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Teen Room Makeover

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Teen Room Makeover

In today’s world or reduce, reuse and recycle, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a cool space for your teen. Paint is an amazing game changer because it’s easy, inexpensive and not permanent, which is great if you’re in a rental or temporary space. Most teens have eliminated the big bulky “toy” items and have slimmed down to sleek electronics. However, there still seems to be a lot of clutter to contain. For example, for girls, nail polish and hair accessories, jewelry and clothing. For boys, there may be video games and baseball cards (do boys still collect these??). To keep the clutter at bay, I suggest containing and labeling much of what can be taken out and looked at, as opposed to continually looking at the items (trophies, for example) that will likely just collect dust.

Another thing to consider when creating a cool space for a teen is a workspace, which can also function as a dressing table for girls. Your teen will likely wind up doing homework on their bed or sitting on the floor (add comfy throw pillows), but creating a workspace can encourage positive study habits.


A simple solution for containing the containers, if you will, is to use bookshelves. The shelves in this makeover are actually about 20 years old. They were one of the best investments I ever made! Not only are they fold-able, but they’re stackable too. I’ve used these in a bedroom, a storage area and now in my teen’s room, after repainting a crisp white. We already had all of the containers used in this project. I spray painted the round containers black. We used magazine holders for Teen mags and a pull out drawer for note cards and stationary. Yearbooks are in the mesh container on the bottom shelf next to scrap books.

The open shelving can present a slight feeling of clutter, but there's a place for everything!

Preserving a few memories of the past and displaying a current interest.

When it comes to repurposing items you already own, think outside the box. You may want to do this when it comes to a particular room too. In a recent home organizing project, we repurposed a client’s formal dining room into a study/arts & crafts/music room. Consider using an “old” table as a desk or a bookshelf as a container for baskets full of arts & crafts supplies, as opposed to the books that could be donated instead. There are many ways to increase functionality in a space, it just takes a little creative thinking.


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Colorful Collaboration with Fisher-Price

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Colorful Collaboration with Fisher-Price

I’ve teamed up with Fisher-Price to offer expectant and new moms how-to tips for the nursery, creating baby zones in the kitchen, baby gear must haves, and on-the-go organization. These videos appear on the new Room to Bloom site and provide helpful tips for getting out the door with baby, where to put baby items in the kitchen, what tools you need to help you to keep baby occupied while you prepare bottles, and other must haves. In addition to the videos, Fisher-Price will post a series of blog posts that I’ve written especially to help new moms in all areas of the home and on-the-go. Stay-tuned as the blog posts are rolled out very soon. In the mean time, watch the videos for quick tips!


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College Bound

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College Bound

Are you preparing your kids for college, or maybe you are off to college? Well, here are three Sanity Savers that will help prepare you for the first year:

1. Maximize Space

Dorm rooms are small and in order to make the most of the space, it’s important to the vertical space–that means the walls. For this, I recommend using shelving and hooks, specifically hooks from Command Brand Products by 3M. Why? Because they use a unique stretch-release technology, which means when it’s time to remove the hooks, they come off cleanly.

2. Minimize Clutter

We all know clutter is a distraction and it’s crucial that college students have a place where they can focus on their school work. Therefore, it’s essential that students bring only what’s essential and relevant to school. Trust me, they’ll need room to put all that is accumulated over the school year. Keep in mind that your student will be spending a lot of time in their room, so send them off on their new journey with comfortable bedding, a coffee pot perhaps, and we know that a TV has become essential for unwinding and relaxing at the end of the day. Haier TV makes a fantastic 22″ unit that has excellent picture quality, is priced less than $300, and is only about 1.5″ thick, which means it takes up minimal space. It also functions as a PC monitor!

3. Familiarize

You’ll be anxious when your child goes off to college, mainly because they’ll be in unfamiliar surroundings. But don’t let your child fool you; they’ll be anxious too. Help you child become familiar with their new area with the tools they need. Try Superpages.com,which allows your student to search for services like drycleaners and laundromats. What’s great about Superpages.com is that it’s not only FREE, but if the service isn’t done properly, Superpages steps in with its Superguarantee to make it right! That’s peace of mind for everyone!

Getbuttonedup.com can help your high schooler get organized to apply for college, click here.

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Office in a Closet: What to Do With All That Paper

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When organizing your office, the only items that should be within arms reach are what you use everyday. Now that you possess this information, sit in your desk chair, put your arms out in front of you, and swing 360 degrees. If you’re putting your hands on or near items you’re not using daily/weekly, they can be stored in another space, leaving you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Next step is to eliminate unneeded papers that have likely wound up in stacks. Here’s what you need to know…

There are truly only three things you can do with paper:

1. Toss – Anything that can be easily duplicated does not need to be saved. If it’s a marketing offer and you’re not “looking” for that item, toss it. Magazines, tear out the pages that interest you, and toss the outdated issue.

2. File – Two ways to file: Action and Reference. Action files are the files in your desk drawer: that file drawer should NOT contain anything that’s not used at least weekly. Reference files are just that, for referring to: Paid bills, copies of insurance policies, legal document, mortgage information, etc. That said, your Reference filing cabinet could go anywhere. I suggest, however, that if you decide to place it in the guest room closet, make sure you can lock it. Not to say that family and friends are snoops, but this is for your peace of mind.

3. Act – These papers are the papers that you must Act on, including phone calls to make, letters and emails, to be written, blogs to written, etc. Stack these papers, enter each task on your Master To Do List, then place the back up in a file. When it comes time to take the Action, pull out the piece of paper associated with the Task.

So I challenge you to shrink your existing work space even if you do have room for everything. Purge papers, toss or archive out-of-date calendars and those dreaded Yellow Pages phone books (which we really don’t need anymore because of the Internet), archive your old paid bills, and just generally declutter. What most don’t realize is that the clutter becomes something that you can get used to…unfortunately. Once you’ve decluttered an adjusted to your new surroundings, you’ll be surprised at how much more focused you will actually be! 

Questions, comments…please enter them below. 

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