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I pinned this photo on my “Garage OrganizationPinterest board and it’s been re-pinned more than 800 times. So, since this has the all-time highest re-pinned pin on my boards, I had to research further where this beautiful example came from and why people love it.

But, first, let me tell you why I pinned it!

Garage Area Storage

As an organizer and a busy mom, I know how we {busy parents} routinely wind up with stacks of stuff that are transported to and from the car that, if we’re not careful (and have a place for it), will likely wind up in heaps somewhere in the house. You with me? This stuff generally falls into a few categories:

Returns (Stuff we bought thinking it would be perfect—and it wasn’t—or we’d try out and decided not to keep. This pile might include library books too.)

Lost & Found (our children’s friend’s things that were left behind)

Donations (after we’ve randomly decided that we no longer need a particular toy, piece of clothing, etc.)

{If you have a category not listed here, please list it in the comments. I would love to know!!}

Then there are the overflow items. These are items such as paper towels, extra toilet paper, bottled water, etc. They are the items purchased at big box stores like Costco. You know, the 96 granola bars and 28 cans of diced tomatoes.

So when I saw this picture on Pinterest, I was thrilled that someone had done such a wonderful job of representing what all busy parents need at the busiest entrance/exit to their home!

The shelving also caught my eye, because it’s my all-time favorite. It comes in a variety of sizes. I have a small 3-shelf unit in my hall closet to house a container full of flip flops (we live in the south) my dog’s accessories, and rain boots.

So, to create a space like the one above for yourself, start with my all-time favorite shelving:

All-time favorite shelving

Next, add baskets with labels to indicate Returns, Lost & Found, Donate/Consign. Labeling the baskets gives it a finishing touch and makes it easy for everyone in your household to find what they need, when they need it.


Leave room on the shelves for overflow of household supplies, organizing them in groups. For example, one shelf for perishable items (include bottled water in this category) on an upper shelf and paper towels & TP on another.

The pin is from, a beautiful decorating blog owned by a woman named Chris, a busy parent, just like you and me!

Here’s the link to the original pin. Feel free to like it and repin!

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  1. I also love to organise, I found this shelving method perfect for saving space, and your labeling ideas are fantastic. I think not in a garage but in a whole home, we used to label every item. As by this, it reduces the chances of clutter and thus our home become fully organised.

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