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Product Review: Drawer Organizer Stickers

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One of the challenges every parent faces, at some point, is how to get kids to help put their clean laundry in the proper places. For adults, it may be easy to remember that socks and underwear go in the top drawer and pants in the bottom, but for kids who are just learning (or need a gentle reminder because it’s not a priority for them), a little help couldn’t hurt.

A company called Crafterhours offers the help you need with their “I know where it goes” drawer stickers feature colorful stickers of each piece of clothing. The stickers can go on the outside of the dresser or, if you prefer, on the inside bottom of the drawer to indicate where shirts, pants, underwear, pajamas, socks, etc. live. The stickers are for kids 3-8, but hey it could be helpful to older children who haven’t quite adopted this task. The set includes between 8-10 stickers and they are available in a variety of different colors. The cost is just $5.00 per pack and are available on the site.

Although my children feel like they’ve got this chore down and know where their clothing lives, I did pass on the stickers to a friend’s children. The next time I saw my friend’s daughter, she exclaimed, “I put the stickers on my drawers!” She was quite proud of the fact that she used them and it sounds like she’s headed toward helping her mom when it comes time to put away her clothing.

It’s never too soon to get kids started on helping around the home and taking pride in their surroundings.




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No More Crushed Bras

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No More Crushed Bras


You spend lots of money on a good bra, then pack up for a getaway or business trip only to find that your bras have been crushed in transit. Well, not anymore! Last week, I received a sample of a CupCase, a durable, protective travel and storage case that will keep your bras from being crushed and creased. The best part is, the case is ADORABLE and not only can you pack you bras, but you can also include your jewelry, panties and hair ties or headbands. What a fantastic gift item for a bride to her bridesmaids with special underwear set for the big day. And a bride could use the CupCase to pack special items for her honeymoon. The purse-like case is durable, fun and functional. The price is just $19.95. Click here to check out CupCase.

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Out with the Old, Make Room for the New

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Out with the Old, Make Room for the New

Pre-holiday decluttering…

It doesn’t matter if we’ve been naughty or nice, pre-holiday is the best time to declutter to make room for the slew of new stuff. Think of this process as a way to create a space for what’s on your holiday list. If you’ve asked Santa for some new books, consider purging some of what you already have. Or if you’ve asked for new clothing, now is a great time to create a place in your closet where those new pieces will hang. Let go of what you haven’t worn, doesn’t fit and you can’t see putting on again.

Here are some simple strategies for decluttering a few areas of the home:

Purge your books:

  • Donate to a Ronald McDonald House or retirement home. Facilities like the ones mentioned (there are plenty out there!) are always looking for age-appropriate reading materials.
  • Ebay your books—Perhaps you have a Collection of cookbooks or coffee table books that are no longer relevant to your life any longer. Books are heavy, so you may want to consider selling them to a local used bookstore, as opposed to online, especially if they are hard cover. And, put them together in collections, as opposed to posting (if you choose to go online) one book at a time.
  • Pass ‘em on—If it’s children’s books you’re looking to “give away” and your youngest child is older than your bff’s oldest child, offer the books to her. Of course, there will be the “special” books you want to save (I saved Good Night Moon, Oh the Places You’ll Go, and a few other treasured ones!) and you can carefully store those away with other keepsakes.

Make room for new clothes:

  • Donate to Good Will or National Kidney Foundation—This is one of the easiest ways to purge items from your closet! Get a bag, load it up, and drop it off. Done!
  • Consign—Selling items is a great way to fund future purchases, especially if you have a lot of designer clothes in your closet that were pricey to begin with! Find a local consignment shop, establish a relationship with the owner, and consign items regulary.
  • Offer to a friend—Perhaps you’ve put on or lost weight and you have multiple sizes in your closet. If there’s no intention of returning to the “off-sizes,” ask a friend who is one of those of sizes if they’re interested in the clothing pieces. Or gather your gf’s and have a clothing swap party. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a friend’s dress and maybe she’s ready to part with it. Win-win!

Kids and toys:

Huge issue for parents! Whether we’re buying because our child says “I want” and we don’t want to disappoint or well-intentioned grandparents show up, hands full everytime they visit, ALL new PARENTS wind up with TOO MUCH KID STUFF!!! And, although we may be grateful for all that stuff, the BIG dilemma is: Where to put it all??!!

  • Storage is key and it needs to be effective storage, not where you’re chucking everything into a bottomless pit. You know, the big container full of stuff that your child no longer has any interest in picking through to find a treasure. I’m talking appropriate storage for particular items. For example, action figures need a smaller storage bin so the items don’t become an overwhelming sea of plastic for your child to deal with. Try containers such as crunch can totes, which are 12″ square and they have handles! Attach a tag to each one with the name and a photo (for kids who haven’t started reading yet) and not only can kids help clean up, but they can carry the tote to its rightful home once it’s full.
  • Limit the number of toys and books. I’m a big fan of rotatingtoys. For two reasons:
    1. Kids are overwhelmed when there’s TOO MUCH stuff. Limiting what they have to play with allows them to SEE everything…and allows you to have a place for everything.
    2. It’s like Christmas morning when you take out the toys kids haven’t played with in a while. This is a great on those cold rainy winter days when you’re stuck inside. Just make sure to put toys AWAY (rotate!) when you take out the ones that have been stored. Store toys in large clear containers to easily identify what’s inside. Put like items together. For example, all of the Loving Family Dollhouse accessories or the Power Rangers action figures in one container.

Memories last longer than stuff Consider giving the gift of an experience. We all love to have “stuff” in our hands, but when is enough, enough. Consider taking the family to a movie or a broadway show, skiing if you live in a colder climate, or to the beach if you’re in a warmer climate. Create a memory that doesn’t involve accumulation of more stuff. Take photos and make a memory book, which takes up a lot less space! Kids take their cues from parents. Now is the time to teach them the importance of spending quality time together, which is the key to solid lasting relationships.

Recently, I sent out a tweet asking what’s on everyone’s Holiday gift list…

Best answer…

May your holidays be filled with experiences and lots of happy memories!

Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing the B&W Zeppelin speaker (in fact, I’ve never used it) or any of the companies I’ve linked to in this article. These are only examples of ideas.

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Product Review: isABelt

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Product Review: isABelt

When low-rise jeans first hit the scene a few years back, younger women were wearing short tops that showed their bellies. Thank goodness that didn’t last too long! We’re now wearing tighter fitted shirts that come down over our low-rise jeans and show off our assets.

If you’re like many, including myself, I live in my blue jeans. In fact, I can wear them for several days in a row without washing. However, by the third wearing, they are usually a little baggy because they’ve stretched out some. Fortunately, there’s the isABelt, the virtually invisible belt that was designed to hold up low rise pants without the bulk or bulge of a belt under a fitted top. It will also keep your jeans in place if you squat down to pick something up, avoiding potentially embarrassing moments.

The isABelt is easy to wear, but I suggest you read the directions on adjusting it or watch the video. The belt comes in Small, Medium and Large (as well as Junior sizes for girls and Plus sizes up to 50″) and is priced at $16.95. There’s also a hisABelt too that adjusts up to 50″.

I’ve been wearing my isABelt since I bought a pair of my favorite jeans a couple months back. The isABelt keeps my jeans in place so I can bend and squat as much as I like without the worry of a hug gap in the back of my jeans. I also don’t have to continuously pull up my jeans because they’re baggy after a few wearings.

The belt also can be worn by pregnant women, to expand the life of her pre-pregnancy low-rise jeans. How nice is that! Wear your low-rise jeans well into pregnancy!

For more information, visit the isABelt web site where you can also view the video demonstration.

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Clean Jeanne: One Woman’s Journey to Becoming Clutter Free

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Clean Jeanne: One Woman’s Journey to Becoming Clutter Free

Once again, Jeanne Verbel is guest blogging about her journey to decluttering and organizing her home. 

    About six months ago, when I went in to my closet to find something to wear for a meeting at school, I had the thought this closet looks exactly the way I feel… and let me tell you, sister, it was a thought that rocked my world! 

     Two and half years prior to thinking that thought, my fifteen year old daughter had been diagnosed with several disorders. Her diagnosis shifted the focus of my life and I found myself putting all of my time and energy into helping her get well. Trips to doctors and therapists and pharmacies took the place of hair appointments, lunch dates with friends, and family get-togethers. Daily household chores and small pleasures were pushed aside as I worked with my daughter on her daily exposure and cognitive behavioral therapies. It didn’t take long for the stress and anxiety of my inner life to become reflected in my home…closets and cabinets and drawers became full to capacity and were on the verge of collapsing. Nothing was functioning well, myself included, and standing there in front of that closet, having that little thought, was a pivotal moment; and the beginning of a six month journey to reclaim my life…and my closet space!

     I started with that one closet. I went downstairs and got a box of trash bags. I took  every item out of the closet and separated it into three piles: to toss, to donate, and to keep. I took the time to look at each item. Had I worn it in a year? Did I really love it? Did I really need seven black turtlenecks? Within an hour I had four bags of items to donate, two bags of items to toss, and one clean and organized closet. And I can’t begin tell you how good that one clean closet made me feel! I knew that not only did it look great, but it would make my life easier as well. Putting away my laundry would no longer be a difficult task because there was actually room in the closet to put the clean clothes. Getting ready for the day would take less time because it would be easier to see my clothing choices. Then, as I standing there looking at that clean closet, I had another thought… What if my whole house was this organized?

     The thought was frightening and the task was daunting, but I didn’t back away from the challenge…I embraced it!  Excited, I sat down at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee and wrote an organizing wish list. I had a sheet of paper for each room in my house and wrote down what I wanted from that room, how I wanted it to function, and the tasks that needed to be completed in order to accomplish that functionality. When I was done 30 minutes later, I had fourteen pieces of paper and a solid organizational plan.

    And so my odyssey began. I stared with my bedroom and one simple rule- choose one task per day and complete it! If I only had fifteen minutes available on that day to complete a task, then I cleaned my nightstand drawer instead of my dresser drawers. And drawer by drawer, closet by closet, room by room, I transformed not only my outer space, but my inner space as well! I discovered that a clean, well-organized room increases its functionality and makes the completion of daily tasks so much easier and more time efficient. The time I’ve gained back allows me the opportunity to reconnect with myself…a thirty minute coffee break with a strawberry scone and a good book does wonders for a weary soul! 

     It wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t always pretty (how many of you have sweatshirts in your closet from your high school days 25 years ago or canned vegetables from 1996 in your cupboard?) but ten closets, 5 dressers, 3 bathroom vanities, 20 cabinets, 25 drawers, one attic, one basement, one garage later (and after six months, countless hours, a ridiculous amount of garbage bags, and one 20 cubic foot dumpster!), I can proudly say that my house is organized, clean, and clutter free! 

     And what, dear Reader, is in your closets? 

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