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iBaby Monitor

Posted by on Apr 1, 2012 in Featured, MomSources™, New Mom, Organizing Products, Problem-Solved!, Sanity Savers | 0 comments

iBaby Monitor

Apple has introduced iBaby, a monitor that allows you to view your baby’s nursery (or wherever you choose to place the monitor) from your iphone. It’s the first baby monitor on the market that allows you to rotate and pivot the camera from your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, which means if baby is left with a sitter or Nanny, you can actually see how s/he is doing while you’re in the middle of dinner…if you choose. The monitor has night-vision abilities and you can also capture photos, recording your first big date night post-delivery.

Here are some additional features.

  • Camera rotates and pivots to follow baby’s movement
  • Remotely control the camera with iOS device
  • Clear video resolution
  • Two-way audio capability
  • Baby’s movement or cry activates alerts
The price is $199. Check it out at
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