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5 Simple Solutions to Car Organization

Posted by on Apr 27, 2008 in Easy Organizing, Room-by-Room, Sanity Savers | 1 comment

5 Simple Solutions to Car Organization

According to a survey of women, 62 percent say their car is like another living space. For moms on the go, we know that to a certain extent, this is true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up my children from school and they are immediately requesting a snack. Warehouses like Costco and Sam’s allow you to buy snacks in bulk. Consider a container in the trunk for snacks and water bottles for those days when kids MUST have a snack immediately after stepping foot into the car. Here are 5 simple solutions to eliminate trash, store papers, and contain stuff:

1. Trash containers that are accessible (and emptied on a regular basis) can help reduce dirt build up and the need to vaccuum more than necessary. Try this one from Target that even holds water bottles. Hang on the passenger seat head rest facing the back seat so you can easily reach over and drop trash in the bag. Backseat riders will also easily be able to access it too!

2. Paper Organizer: Try using a labeled container that can live in the door pocket of your car that holds: Coupons/Gift Certificates, Receipts, Bank Deposit slips, and other paper items that you need to have on hand AND would be helpful if they were organized so you could easily put your hands on them.

3. Trunk containers are a great way to contain items such as first aid kits/jumper cables and more. Consider adding flash lights, a small tarp to place in the back if you’re transporting items that may leak on the floor, bungie cords in the event you need to strap something to the top of the car. Also, consider a divided container that holds groceries and shopping bags to keep them from spilling over while driving. Something that most people also have to maintain are items that need to be Returned. For example, a platter that someone brought to a recent party or an item that needs to be returned to the store. Use a canvas type container to transport these items from the house to the trunk and use on of the compartments in the “trunk organizer” to hold this bag.

4. Kids paraphenalia: Create a storage space for the kids where they can contain their stuff. This covered container works well to hold items such as water bottles, electronic games, crayons and paper, and more. This particular model comes in blue and red (click on the picture for more information). Incorporate a “no stuff on the floor” rule and teach them how to sort through and organize what’s in their container so they can keep “their space” neat and tidy.

5. Driver Organizer: Here’s a way to contain your water bottle, phone, sun glasses, miscellaneous papers and more. Best of all, it’s easily removed when you have a front seat passenger. Avoid stuffing the container with items that could be kept elsewhere. For example, owners manual and tire pressure gauge can be kept in the glove box since these items are used less frequently. Designate one compartment for a specific use to avoid being unclear as to what is kept in that particular place.

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